My name is Fareedah Abdulsalam and welcome to Bloome Living. I started this food and lifestyle blog to share the nourishing, healthy, plant-based meals I was making to resolve my eating disorder.

I wanted to create a space where #Healthyfoodlovers will find love for easy, wholesome meals and maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising heavily on things they are accustomed to. 

Other days, you’ll find me behind a camera taking over a thousand pictures of food, people and places. 

1. My Comfort food is Oats

I can eat oats any time of the day. 

2. I love to plan events

I still think about taking classes till this day. 

3. I don't eat as much as people think

No judgements please. I’m a foodie at heart, however I spend more time thinking about food and cooking than actually eating the food I make. 

Wondering where the name 'Bloome Living' came from?

My core belief revolves around the idea that unlocking your fullest potential requires prioritising your health, particularly through mindful dietary choices. Think of how a plant blooms when its nurtured properly, that’s the same way I think about my body.


I’ve held on to the word ‘Bloom’ for many years and I hope that every recipe, tip or post will help you flourish!